Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Fresh everyday"

I must admit I do like leftovers, especially Thanksgiving Day leftovers. I tell you there is nothing quite like warming up the dressing, greens, macaroni and cheese and of course we dare not leave out the turkey.

I also must say that even the greatest meal known to man; which is Thanksgiving Day dinner can become a little less inviting as the days increase since that fourth Thursday in November. It is at that point you no longer want to have anything to do with the leftovers.

Unfortunately, there are some who view the Bible as a one time big meal celebration and that you can come back and get some leftovers, but after a short time the leftovers are no longer appealing. This is not the testimony of the individual that has given their all to the One who holds the keys of life and death. The Bible to the believer is a never ending buffet that can satisfy all that the believer desires and the supply is always fresh.

So, let's remember the Word is "Fresh everyday."

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