Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Guaranteed Prize"

I have been athletic all my life and have played, I would guess, almost every sport there is to play. I particularly cared more for basketball and track as opposed to baseball, wrestling and football.

I enjoyed track most because it seemed to challenge me every time I would step out on the track, whether it was to jump a little bit higher or to run a little bit faster than the last time I ran or jumped. Track is about endurance, patience and mastery all was needed to be successful in this sport of wills.

There was nothing like the feeling that one gets when they have practiced for days on end and have logged many miles running building up the endurance needed to compete. When the day arrives to stand on the track and apply all that was coached and instilled, you perform it seems almost effortlessly and the results end with a second place finish.

The same, thankfully, is not the case with the believer of the Lord Jesus. Although, some of the principles of endurance, patience and mastery can be applied the results are far more rewarding than those of a natural race. Because in the natural race there can only be one winner, but in God all that run and run faithfully will all receive the prize.

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