Thursday, June 18, 2009

"What's the difference"

I've been doing some thinking again and just want to throw out something and hopefully get a nice discussion going.

As believers we are taught to trust God for pretty much everything in our lives; from the schools to attend, the jobs to take or not to take, and how could I forget the big one...who to marry. We also are being taught at the same time by our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, etc. on how to live and be successful.

Here is the set up: We are taught in the church; that gambling is a sin and that we shouldn't do it i.e. poker, roulette, dice and even the lottery. We are told we don't trust God if we do these types of things in order to capitalize on our money.

Here's the question: If the above things are wrong and sinful; then what's the difference with those things and playing the stock market?

Let's talk about it all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Don't Be Dashboard or Back Window Christian"

I know I'm not the only who's seen the individuals driving down the road and as they pass you; there in the back window is a Bible or maybe you've walked to your own vehicle and have noticed the car backed in next to yours and there on the dashboard on the driver side is a Bible.

Now, a Bible in the back window or on the dashboard isn't necessarily a good or bad thing simply because one doesn't know to whom the Bible belongs. One doesn't know if the Bible is even removed from the vehicle at all, and you can pretty much gauge how long it has sat there by the coloring of the outer cover.

The Bible on the dashboard or in the back window only gives an assumption of the Christian-ness of the person or persons in the vehicle. The same I think can be said of the individual who is quick to quote a scripture or the one who says God bless you or states they go to church every Sunday. I drove past a church and on the sign it read: 'You preach a better sermon with your life than you could with your mouth'.

I believe we should be more than the Bible on the dashboard or the one in the back window; which only brings speculation to whether or not we are TRUE believers. But, rather we should be living epistles who not only read the Word but most importantly we live the Word, and in doing this I believe we truly fulfill the will of the Lord.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Don't forget to Tow someone else"

Have you ever taken the time to notice that there is a tow truck for every type vehicle size and one for any application? I have seen the everyday run of the mill tow truck that can hook-up the majority of cars with no problem whatsoever; whether they are flatbed tow trucks or the regular type. They even have the 'stealth' type tow trucks like the ones on the 'Tru TV' series 'Operation Repo'; where the tow-bar isn't seen until the last moment and then flips out the back like a very agile 'super ninja' (see Matt I can do it too) and they scoop up the car to be repossessed and off they go.

Then there's the type tow trucks made to go into parking structures without getting wedged or a bunch of damage to the parking structure itself, and of course there's the behemoth of tow trucks; that seems to be able to tow a small mid-west farm town with no problem whatsoever.

What do tow trucks have to do with the bible or anything else for that matter; well I'm glad you ask. The concept of the tow truck is to carry another vehicle from one point to another. The reasons for said carrying varies from situation to situation but the end result is the same...a vehicle is carried.

Jesus, had a conversation with Peter letting him what the enemies plans were for him and how he looked to "disable" him as it were, but Jesus went on to tell Peter, "but I have prayed that your Faith fail not". He didn't tell Peter he wouldn't be sifted or tried but that when these things happen the pray was for his Faith to remain in tack, and once Peter was back on the road again; Jesus told him to strengthen or build up your brothers.

We all find our selves from time to time on the side of the road of life seemingly broken down and disabled with no one to come to our aid or assistance, but if you have a prayer-phone handy in just a little while the Lord will send aid your way. They will assess your particular situation and determine whether you need towing or if it can be remedied right there, but if towing is needed there is no limit to the distance.

I remember what it's like to have to be towed because I wasn't able to continue, but once towed and then having the proper restoration completed I was able to continue. So, as I travel and as you travel in this we call life; don't forget to render aid to those who are seemingly stranded, whether on the highway of life or in the parking decks of self-pity...Don't forget to Tow someone else.