Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Is it proven?"

There is a saying that expresses the idea that a person mustn't allow suggestions from external sources to dictate how you are to handle a difficult situation. You must when facing what may seem to be an insurmountable obstacle rely on what it was and most importantly who it was that saw you through it. Attempting to change tactics that have not been proven in the midst of a battle can and has been proven unfruitful for many.

This brings me to the story of David, and how when the enemy went war against the chosen people of God and how that one man (Goliath) was threatening all those that would oppose him. It was this David that suggested to the King (Saul) that he would go out and fight the enemy; so Saul gave David his armour to wear in the battle, and after David had it on he realized it wasn't going to work for him to wear Saul's armour.

David had to explain to Saul why he wasn't able to wear his armour, and this is where we as believers must be focused. We must understand and remember all the many battles the Lord has brought us through; using the methods that work for us.

What may seem ridiculous to most is just the thing that the Lord will use to get the glory that is due to Him and Him alone. Proven methods work.

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