Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"You look just like..."

When I was coming up it wasn't uncommon for people I've met for the first time to say to me and my brother, "you look just like your father" or "you act just like your father". I had always taken pride in the fact that not only was my dad known to a lot of different people, but that his reputation and character was one of a positive experience rather than a negative one. I, of course being every bit the problematic individual that I was at the time tried to my best to deny, in a sense, the identity that was unmistakeably mine.

It reminds me of the place in the scriptures where when they took our Lord to the judgement halls how the people were asking the Apostle Peter, wasn't he one of the disciples of Jesus and how they were able to determine that he was because of the way he spoke and acted. However, Peter did like most of us has done in times past when the situation we found ourselves in getting a little bit much, "we tried to deny the unmistakable identity that is ours".

So, let's not repeat the examples of myself growing up trying to deny who I was and most importantly am, nor the follow the example of Peter. However let us all embrace that which has totally embraced us; which the love of our Father and the identity that He has given to us even from before the foundation of the earth.

"You look just like your Father".

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