Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Who do you ask?"

I was engaged in a conversation with my sister/cousin, I call her my sister/cousin because we are closer in our relationship than just cousins. I watch over her the same as I have with my other sisters, and I check to see how things are going for her and what her plans are for the day, etc. I thank God also for the fact that she is a born-again believer and loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and body. Her coming into the Body of Christ is how we became so close in the first place.

We have great discussions everyday concerning the Word of the Lord and how it relates to our lives on a daily basis. The discussion we had today started a couple of days ago when we were talking about supporting ministry financially. I must say that today was our first real disagreement with one another as it relates to this subject.

I'm looking to have a good discussion on this subject from all believers and from those of you who haven't as of yet given your life to the Lord Jesus. I would like for those of you that wish to leave a comment to state your position and lay out your arguement.

Soliciting financial support from believers and unbelievers?

My cousins position on the subject is: "Unbelievers should not be solicited for financial support of the ministry, because it causes a stumblingblock and gives an occasion for the Gospel to be blasphemed among unbelievers." She uses 1Cor 9:12 and 3John 1:7 to support her position.

My position on the subject is: "We solicit financial support from unbelievers in our sanctuaries every week when it's time to raise the offering, and we say that it for the furtherence of the Gospel ministry. We do not make a distinction when we ask; that only those of you in here that are saved give in the offering only. I believe the Lord provides finances even by the hands of those that haven't trusted in His name." I submit Prov 12:14

Alright, let's begin..."Who do you ask?"


Anonymous said...

Offerings are "free will". When it is time for the Ministry of Giving and the offering plate comes your way -- just pass it on to the next person.

Jackie Williams

Anonymous said...

You have to be sure that you are in line with what the bible says about giving. We rely alot on the old testiment Malachi 3:8, will a man rob god. On in that scripture it states that see if I will open the window of heaven and pour you out a bleesing that you will not have room enough to recieve. Also it says prove me now. There is no other scripture in the bible where God says you put me to the test. We as Christians love to take the scriptures that only require that God do somthing, you have to realize that even in your salvation God requires you to do somthing. In faith God requires you to do somthing, so why not in giving God is asking you to do somthing. We rely alot on malachi but the scripture I love to lean on is Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure press down that men will give into your bussum. If you are obedient to the word of God you cant be wrong. That brings up a whole new prospective in giving. Are you giving out of emotion, pressure or a true hearing from God. This is a serious subject and there is so much that could be said.

Elder Little

Anonymous said...

The bible says" It rains on the just as well as the unjust. Most unsave people give all the time due to they know that it is blessing in it. It's the save people that have a hard time in giving. The unsave have figure out the Financial FORMULA OF GIVING. What a pitty... that's why you see so many of them wealthy and could care less what the preacher preached about they just know they have to pay tithes and offering and keep doing what they do.

Trust what I know...I worked for one.

Little COGIC Girl

shoprat said...

If an unbeliever wishes to give or feels compelled to give, well and good, but I would never ask a non-Christian for money meant for God's work.

I.H.S. said...

I hear what you're saying shoprat,and I agree to the point that I wouldn't ask a professed muslim or buddist to support the ministry.Which brings me back to my point that every person sitting in the pews on Sunday aren't saved i.e. believers but we ask them to give. Tha's what I mean by believers and unbelievers... saved and the unsaved.

Anonymous said...

I feel in my heart that as the unbelievers grow in their walk with christ and is being taught what giving is all about, they'll know that suporting the ministry isn't a bad thing. We all started off as non believers and as we grew in our walk, we didn't have a problem giving in any aspect. But as a non believer comes into a place of worship, I wouldn't expect much financial support in the begining.
Again, as they grow and the seed gets routed, they'll know that giving should truly come from the heart.

Anonymous said...

"You have Not Because You Ask Not" If an unbeliever can ask a believer to support them, why can't we ask them to support us? I'm asked almost every week by unbelievers to support something they're doing, therefore I ask them to support me.

Bernadette Frazier