Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I remember having to take all these tests when we were coming through school and they were to determine our development and where we stand as far as our level of understanding. I really didn't particularly care for those tests, because the tests were too generic.

I can remember having classmates that didn't do very well on the tests and the results were that they were placed in a slower teaching classroom when they were fully capable of maintaining in a classroom that was of a faster pace. The same was the case with others that according to the tests were near geniuses and were placed in classrooms that were designed for individuals that needed to be challenged more than other students.

These were the and are even to this day the downside of tests that are developed by persons that I believe are using a generalized way of determining the growth of individuals. These types of growth charts are unsurprisingly used in our churches today. We attempt to gauge each other on where we should be in our walk with the Lord based off of a generalized formula constructed by religion.

Thankfully the Lord doesn't operate in our lives in general terms, but is involved with the development of each believer on an individual basis. Most importantly our tests that we go through as believers are specifically designed for us and the great part about the tests the Lord allows us to go through is that He has already given us the way to pass and that is by His Spirit.

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I am so glad that we are judged individually because if we were judged by our family connections I would be in trouble. Thank God for his wisdom and individual judgement. Where you spend eternity is all up to you, you can't blame anyone else. WORK OUT YOUR OWN SOUL SALVATION.