Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Better than a dog"



I have been an animal lover pretty much all my life, and my favorite animal hands down would have to be a dog. I can remember our first dog we had was a Collie and he looked identical to Lassie from the T.V. show. We named him Dino and this was the beginning of my love for dogs. We had Dino for many years and I was the one to train him to do some of the normal things like sit stay lay down, etc. I taught him this one thing where I would take him for a walk around the neighborhood and then I would tell him to go home and he would turn around and go all the way to the house.

I have learned as I've gotten older that the many different dogs I've had through the years all responded favorably to the commands I gave them when it I had established my position as the master and shown them that I was going to care for them. I have always said that dogs know who they can and cannot trust. Today I have two American PitBull Terriers, Scheeba and Bishop, a mother and her son from her first litter. They too are just like the rest of the dogs I've had; in that they have follow my commands too, once I've established that I was the master and they look for the praise and rewards for doing what's expected of them.

Now, if this is the case with animals to know that if they do what is required of them; then what seems to be the problem with us? "If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted..."Gen 4:7 The Lord has more than established himself as the Master of all things and has promised to reward us if we just obey him. He is far better to us than we could ever be to any animal that we own, and has a greater reward to give each one of us.

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