Monday, December 22, 2008

"The Reason..."

We purchase video games, Ipods, cellphones, flat screen televisions, laptop computers and many other items too numerous to list. We purchase all these things and more in the name of the holiday called Christmas.

We say, "Jesus is the reason for the season" and we recite the Christmas story narrative in our churches and we even have plays to act out what the scriptures describe in the book of Matthew, and we sing the songs that attest to our appreciation and devotion of the birth of the King of kings and Lord of lords; yet we bring nothing to Him on the day we have set as the date of His birth.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the giving of gifts because I myself give gifts, but I attempt even in my gift giving to remember I'm only able to give to others because God gave to me the greatest gift one could ever receive, Jesus.

So let us remember to give to the One that truly deserves all our gifts, and the greatest gift we could ever offer Him is ourselves.

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Z said...

Sorry I'm responding on this article with your request at my site!; wanted to make sure you see these since I just saw you asked for the videos. I don't go to my gmail account, I'm glad I looked!

Coincidences? See him wait for the crowd's delight in the Hillary finger then say it's accidental. That's as silly as the lipstick on the pig line being accidental. When someone says a line then waits until the laugh for the punchline, that's no accident but the media let it lay like that! amazing.

As for redistribution...yes, how many ways must Obama say he wants to raise taxes on the people who hire, on the people who've made successes for themselves? Why not have responded to Joe the Plumber and called the dogs off when he was belittled and degraded to the world for having dared question THE ONE?

I read and listen to BOTH sides of the aisle, unlike many, and don't rely on ANY news outlets to steer my thinking but I will add I find it sad that so many who watch CNN and read the New York Times actually believe that's the 'real news' because the other stuff's "right wing". Do yourself a favor some day and watch FOX and see how many panels in which they include both sides (nealry all)...then see CNN or MSNBC. (nearly none..but they have started a BIT more since the election, which I find fascinating)

I will also say that I hope and pray obama isn't the disaster to our constitution that I fear he will be. Remember when the Republicans got CREAMED in Supreme Court Justice hearings for daring to have supposed LITMUS TESTS? Obama's now saying "HIS LITMUS TEST is that candidates must be ETHICAL, feel for minorities.." WHAT? how about the CONSTITUTION? Just upholding THAT?!! And the media, again, has barely mentioned it. utterly incredible!

Thanks for the reminder about why we give gifts. I'm singing and playing some piano at our church Christmas Eve...that's more a gift to ME than anyone else...I love's an honor to be asked.

And, SO NEAT that Gail Goodrich leaves near you!

Merry Christmas, I.H.S. I'm glad to know you even in this small way.