Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Happy Birthday, Dad."

I must say that I hadn't always shown nor given my father the honour that was due him when I was a lot younger and a lot more immature. I had taken issue with him on a lot of different things and wouldn't allow myself to soften to any explanation given that would help me to give the proper honour to him.

I was in my twenties and was the father of my own son when I began to understand to a degree some of the possibilities that a father thinks about as he attempts to do what he believes is the right thing to do as it relates to his children and some of the decisions that are made which perhaps will never be totally understood but in hopes that they will be viewed as being done from a heart of sincerity.

I have this day a greater relationship with my father than I have ever had in the past and the honour he deserves from a son I give to him whole heartily and without reservation. So, as today is his 63rd birthday, I want to wish him the greatest day of all days and for him to know that I love him very much and I thank him for being my dad.

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