Monday, December 29, 2008

"Acting out, not necessary"

I was wondering to myself where the times slips away to during the Christmas break. Just when I was easing into the day to day of leisureness without the urgency to accomplish anything monumental, and I must say it was rather refreshing. The best part was the fact that my wife and I were off from our jobs the same number of days; which is a rare occurrence, and I think she likes when it's a rare occurrence because I have the propensity to aggravate her for some unknown reason; not saying that this is the only time I aggravate her. I guess when she's quietly doing her thing I tend to want her attention on me so I find a way to redirect her attention by what I call "husbandly acting out".

Now, my "husbandly acting out" works to the point where she always stops doing what it is she's doing to ask me why I insist on aggravating her. So, I continue this type of attention getting from her until I see where her aggravation starts leaning over to the anger side, and that's when I stop the "husbandly acting out". It's not that she is ignoring me when she is doing something to occupy her time; it's her way of giving me time to spend with myself and doing the the things I need to get accomplished around the house.

I believe this is the same type of behaviour that some believers find themselves engaged in when they are feeling that they aren't receiving the attention from God that feel they desire or that they deserve. And, with that they find themselves acting out in some way or fashion until the Lord arrests their attention bringing them back in line to where they need to be. The acting out is nothing more than the unrealized truth, that the Lord is forever attentive to our needs, and we must understand that it isn't necessary for us to get this type of attention from Him.

I believe the Lord in His awesomeness allows us to live the lives He wants us to live without always standing over our shoulders asking every moment "whatcha doin' now?" So, don't be like I am when my wife gets quiet, but instead take the quiet times that we experience to relax, reflect and revive ourselves from the demands of daily living.

Take a deep breath and let it out.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

That's a good thought. It's depressing how people get turned off from God because they get the idea that God's always condemning them. They don't realize God's grace has covered over their sins, past present and future.

shoprat said...

Thanks for the daily good thoughts and badly needed uplift. I visit regularly even if I don't comment.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

Z said...

ditto on all the above..and your blog!

I'm dealing with a family member who's really doing things I have trouble with........then I remember how many sins Jesus has to cope with and it all comes into perspective..Who am I to get upset?

Thanks, I.H.S.