Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Happy Birthday, My Wife"

I have mentioned in earlier post about my wife and how she is the greatest cook and how she stays on me to make sure that I'm taking care of myself, i.e. the doctor's appointment she made for me about a week or so ago for me.

Well, today is her birthday and though I've mentioned the ages of my grandmother and my dad, I will not even attempt to hint at what her age is. I can only imagine what it was like as a kid growing up with not only your birthday two days away from the day we celebrate Jesus' Birthday, but she also shares her birthday with her twin brother; happy birthday, "D".

I know guys say how great their wives are and how they are their best friend, but I say this from the depths of my heart; my wife is not only my best friend she is my greatest supporter and critic all in one. I kind of argued with the Lord when it came time to praying for someone, but I'm glad I lost the argument (the full story another time).

Baby, I love you and I pray that your day is filled with all that you desire from the Lord, you truly are, "A Virtuous Woman".


Z said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mrs. I.H.S.! (It's ALL about food for me, so I do hope Mr. I.H.S. tells me a favorite dish or two that you make him!!)

Sounds like you've had to share your birthday with some PRETTY important people all your life! So, it's nice to hear how important you are in another very special person's life and that he realizes that and honors you so specifically and meaningfully!
Have a GREAT DAY!!

dmarks said...

And that's the way marriage should be.

I.H.S. said...

dmarks, I concur.