Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Follow the Leader"

I remember a game we played a lot as children, called follow the leader, and the whole premise of the game was just that; to follow the leader. I recall having to follow through the woods, up a tree, on top of the roof of the house only to have to jump off because the leader jumped off.

I don't know what the goal of the game may have been for any of you when you played, but the goal was to stay the leader and the only way to stay the leader you had to go where no one would go. Which sometimes meant you had to go where you weren't supposed to go in the first place, but the idea of not being the leader any longer was far worse to deal with as opposed to the trouble one would inevitably encounter for going and doing the wrong thing.

Sadly, this seems to be the mantra of the contemporary church as we call it today; that they are willing to lead people into areas that saints were never meant to go, all for the sake of maintaining this false sense of true ministry leadership. The damaging truth to this is that far too many people are following these persons away from the fundamental and foundational truths of the Gospel.

Paul said it best,
1Cr 11:1
Be ye followers of me, even as I also [am] of Christ.

Who are you following? And are they following Christ?


christian soldier said...

Insightful posts-I enjoyed reading them...
We must keep our sights on the Word...

NEO, SOC said...

The problem is the new mantra is "catchy" and it "keeps" people in the church so "funds" can keep the church going instead of God.

Church leadership need to understand that they need to be preparing their followship to truly seek God and learn how to endure. For times are coming ahead when the government system that so many put their hope in will fall and people will be destitute and disenfranchised.

"In the beginning was the Word" will have a whole new meaning in the years to come. And those who are not being taught to understand who the Word really is, will ne the first ones to succumb to the anti-Christ when he rears his ugly head.

Anonymous said...

can we please do something about this "holy hip hop" garbage.......am i really supposed to believe these rappers who couldn't make it have been converted......and why do I want to listen to Lecrae (sp?) rapping the Bible...if I hear one more "saint" raving about that 13 Letters garbage..I'm going to scream.

Anonymous said...

When I was in the military I was treated to an escape and evasion course in the event of capture. I was taught to force my pursuers to waste time and energy backtracking and crossing obstacles.

Playing follow the leader is just another children's game that allows the strongest child to humiliate the weakest.