Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Will the real..."

There was a game show that started airing around 1956 called, "To tell the truth". The way the game show worked was to have three people who stated that their name was "Joe King" or "Josephine King" if it were three females. Once the name was given by the three people the host of the show would then read a letter that the real Joe or Josephine had written. Armed with the information in the letter the four celebrity judges were allowed to ask the individuals questions in relation to what the letter stated the person did for a living and so forth.

When the time of questioning was over then the panel judges were then asked to decide individually which person of the three they thought was the real Joe or Josephine King based on the answers they received. The host then asked the real Joe or Josephine King to stand up.

This is the similar to the life of the believer versus the churchgoer. The world plays the part of the panel judges asking all types of questions trying to determine what is real and what isn't. This has been the case almost from the beginning, but there is a day coming and it won't be very long that the ultimate judge, Jesus Christ the Righteous, will descend from heaven with a shout and it will be then that only the real believers will be able to stand up.

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