Monday, October 20, 2008

Corrective Vision

I'm what some might term visually challenged; I first was required to wear corrective lenses somewhere around the age of 12 years old. My parents would take me to the eye doctor once a year to have my eyes checked to make sure that the glasses that I was wearing at the time would be sufficient enough for me to continue wearing or would I have to get a different prescription.

I have to say it was rather fascinating to sit there and the doctor would have you look at the chart on the wall with all these different letters that were all boxed shaped so you really wouldn't be able guess at what the letter was. Then the doctor would put this device over your eyes and it would have these lenses in it; and with each turn of the lens the doctor would ask, "which is better...1 or 2". This process went on until the doctor got to the right setting on the device and you were able to see the letters as if they were two inches from your face.

The same could be said with our christian walk today. We, in and of our own selves, can you see to a point and being able to differentiate what a thing is can really become challenging to us only because we are somewhat pre-programmed to see things a certain way. This is why we need to continuously go to the Lord for an eye examine, not just once a week on Sunday but everyday of our lives. It is through the light of His word that we will begin to focus in on what He would have us to see at any given moment, there is no need for him to ask us "which is better..." because His word is the true prescription by which we ought to see, not only ourselves but all those we come into contact with on daily basis.
So, if you haven't done it today or perhaps you haven't done it at all...why don't you make an appointment with Jesus and allow him through his word bring everything into focus for you.

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