Thursday, October 23, 2008

"911...what is your emergency?"

I remember when I was young and when there was some type of emergency that perhaps happened, we would dial "0" for the operator and she would answer the phone with, "operator may I help you". She would never answer the phone with asking what is your emergency because at that time everybody called the operator for pretty much everything.

So, they developed the 911 phone system that was strictly for emergency calls requesting some type of help. Once the phone system was on line a person would call 911 and the person on the other end would answer, "911 what is your emergency". This new system was wonderful in the beginning with some glitches here and there however for the most part it saved critical time in getting the right help to your given situation.

Now as the populations grew in areas the calls to 911 increased overwhelmingly, and it's not unusual when you call 911; that you hear "911 please hold" or they can't understand what you are saying because of some type of language barrier. Now it seems that the 911 system is in need of some type of emergency assistance.

Which brings me to my point for today, and that is I find it very refreshing as a believer that my trust is not completely in the hopes of individuals coming to my rescue. I'm certainly thankful for the technological breakthroughs that we as a people have achieved, however I'm more joyful of the fact that when I'm in need that I can call on the One who never slumbers nor sleeps but is a very present help in the time of trouble.

Palms 86:7 In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me.

Don't wait until there is an emergency in your life; you can call him anytime you like. He's even better than the operator of old that we called for everything, He's better because he doesn't have to patch you through to anyone else. "This is Jesus...I already know what you need".

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Evonyette said...

It is amazing how some people do not even think about the "One" who can rescue them from any situation. It is up to us who believe to spread and share this news. However, no matter what environment you are in, if people do not take heed, then they lose out. I experienced a situation today that made me wonder if I was doing all I could do to notify people of my "9-1-1 Operator." Someone experiencing sudden death makes you think. I thank God everyday for the functions of my limbs, I praise Him because He is the one sustaining and keeping me. "Hallelujah!!!!!!" I have come to not fear, but to trust in the Lord. Amen!