Monday, October 20, 2008

Hide and Seek

I remember some of the fun games we use to play as children. There were the games you played as a group and then there was those challenging games like "hide and seek". I loved to play hide and seek, but not for the hiding part of it. I prided myself on being able to go and find the ones that were hiding and then run back and touch the base before they did.

There were times during the game that a person could be standing almost in front of you and you would never see them because they were concealed very well you could pretty much say they were hiding in plain sight, and no matter how hard you looked you just weren't able to find them. It is at this point in the game that after you have found all the ones you were going to find; you hollered out, "Olly Olly oxen free" and all the ones you didn't find came out of their perspective hiding places.

The same principle that we used as children in the game of Hide and Seek is the same principles we employ in searching out the Will of God for our lives. There have been scores of people that have read the scriptures from front to back many times over, but can only give you a surface synopsis of what the bible is trying to convey to the reader.

The scriptures gives us to know that the Word is related to a treasure and with any treasure that I've come to know about; an individual had to seek to find it. I'm convinced that when we set our hearts and our minds to seeking out the treasure of the word, we'll be pleasantly surprised to know that it wasn't that far away in the first place...and ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jer.29:13

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