Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check the record...

I guess I should have at least one post this month that has a hint of political underpinnings; so this will be the post today.

Once every four years we are flooded with calls and mail declaring that a certain person has decided to run for President of the U.S.A., and that we have the unique privilege with being apart of a group of people(registered voters) that have the task of choosing which person we want to serve, in what is deemed the most powerful position in all of the free world.

We hear speeches declaring their desire to lead us to a new level of living; they talk about the positive things they will do once they are elected. They promise sweeping reforms of the way things have been going and promise to make our lives better than they ever have. They promise us the moon and stars; and we know they can't deliver half the things they say but we want to think that maybe this time it will be different; so we allow ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of hope with all the promises made never to be realized.

We must constantly keep in our minds and especially in our hearts that there is only One that can keep any promise ever made. It is He that we should overwhelmingly choose to be our leader in every aspect of our lives. Most certainly we should exercise our right to vote during any and all elections, but we should never allow what is taking place in the media to determine how to decide. It is in choosing God as our source of comfort, protection and provision that we'll be able to decide whom to vote for, because the scriptures tell us that as long as we put our trust totally in the Lord and we don't try to figure it out for ourselves, but instead look to him; he will direct the way we need to go. Proverbs 3:5&6

So in the spirit of the season of election; I would like to announce the candidate that I'm choosing, and I extend the opportunity for you to choose as well, to be the leader of my life and perhaps yours; his name is Jesus. He's the only begotten of the Father; he's the Saviour of the world, and all his promises are "yeah and amen." Check the record.

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