Saturday, October 25, 2008

"If first you don't succed..."

I believe in encouragement almost to a fault; I just think that the more a person is given encouragement the more apt they are to accomplish whatever they set out to do no matter how difficult the road may get for them. I can remember always hearing..."if first you don't succeed, try again". Sometimes it may not have been said in those exact words but the meaning was still very clear; don't give up.

I've seen and heard of what some may deem as horror stories of people venturing out to make a mark in this word and they end up losing if not everything then almost everything, but they never allowed a set back to keep them down for very long. Sometimes it seemed as if once they got knocked down they would bounce right back up as if it never happened.

Unfortunately it seems to be just the opposite when it comes to our relationship with the one person that has never failed at anything, but because our prayers may seem to go unanswered day after day we feel it's no use of us even coming back to the church.

I'm telling us today; that never going back to church or reading our bibles and praying is just what the enemies of the Body of Christ want us to do. However, the remedy for bouncing back is quite simple when you think about it, because in the remedy is a guarantee. It may not say exactly..."if first you don't succeed..." but it does say..."the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much".James5:16

So if first you don't succeed...Pray, Pray again.

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