Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"The Wait Is Over, Now Get Up"

There is a story, in the book of John 5:1-9, that speaks of a time of feasting and Jesus had gone up to Jerusalem and went to the area where a lot of people with all types of conditions would wait for what was referred to as the moving of the water.

The scriptures give us to know that during a certain time of the season an angel went down into the pool and troubled the water and the first person to step into the water after this took place would be made whole of whatever disease they had. The scriptures go on to tell us of a man who also was there and that he had a condition for thirty eight years. So, Jesus sees the man and goes and asks him a most unusual question, and I would say without sounding blasphemous, a crazy question.

How could the Lord ask such a question? He knew the man had been in this state for time and He would ask him "would you be made whole?" or in other words, 'do you want to be healed?' Is there anyone reading this right now who would have had to stop and scratch their head after being asked that question? I know I would have, but I guess no one wants to keep it real for a moment, huh?

So, the man response after being asked by Jesus doesn't even answer the Lord's question. The man goes into this whole whoa is me speech he has probably been practicing for some time now; about how he doesn't have anyone to help him and when he does make it to the water some steps in right before he does. Notice the Lord's response to the man's answer, the Lord didn't even acknowledge what the man had just said but instead told him to take up his bed and walk.

The point of this lesson today is simply this: Everyone has some type of issue or situation which may have you somewhat crippled; whether physically, mentally or emotionally. The time of waiting for someone to come and wave a wand over your situation and be done away with is gone. You no longer need to wait for such things to take place once you realize the Lord has accomplished all things for you to live a lifestyle of wholeness.

Stop with the excuses and the pity parties...'the wait is over, now get up'.

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Z said...

I like what you gleaned from that story, I.H.S...very good.
Except I tend to like pity parties for about five minutes. Or more, depending! Thanks for this reminder.

Also, I'm sorry that my comment on your bottom post didn't publish...?
anyway, no great shakes of a comment...!! TRUST me.
Thanks for the nod, however!! "good friend", indeed. Thank you.