Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Making Copies"

Ahh, the marvel of technology. I don't know who came up with the idea of copier machines, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who were extremely grateful when the first one rolled off the assembly line.

If you stop to think about it the concept is quite interesting; you place a piece of paper that has what you need copies/duplicates of face down on the glass and press the start/copy button and a bright light scans the paper and after a couple seconds out the side of the copy machine you have a duplicate copy of your original piece of paper.

There are, however, some draw backs to this wonderful world of technological advancement which a few of the draw backs are obvious. First, if there isn't any paper in the copier; though you place your paper on the glass and press start, there would be no duplicate. Secondly, if the ink cartridge is out of ink, you would have no copies either. So, suffice it to say there are things you must do in order to insure proper functioning of your copier.
The Word of the Lord has all the makings of a Spiritual Copier. However, the Word doesn't have the limitations our copy machines have. We don't need to worry about running out of paper or ink, because the impressions the Lord leaves are in and on our hearts.
The process of copying is: Romans 12:1
Saints, let's keep ourselves before the Lord and in His Word and living copies we will become.


Z said...

Good advice, and interesting metaphor, I.H.S.

Our being LIVING COPIES requires us to be the type of people worth being copied!!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Great thought, and Z has a good point too! But we can't make copies of Christians just by copying ourselves. Because we're imperfect copies, just like each paper copy is an imperfect likeness of the original. If we don't continually copy the original, the copies lose their integrity.

I.H.S. said...

I couldn't agree more with you Matt, but the sad part is there are so many out there making 'mini me's' instead of making disciples of Christ.

I think we must make authenticity checks on ourselves to be sure we are indeed the copies of the true original and not a man made forgery.


I.H.S. said...

Paul, I think said it this way, and I believe it falls in line with what Z has said. He said, 'follow me as I follow Christ'.

Which to me says, sure copy me only as long as I'm copying the original, which challenges the believer to stay in the Word and they become a true copy themselves.

Wow, that triggered something I never noticed before.


Z said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you guys got my point because I wasn't sure I'd said it properly, but that is EXACTLY what I meant.
Humility, I think, is the key here, no? It's NOT US, it's HIM. And, (gasp!), the better, the saintlier, we have the privilege of becoming, ...the MORE it's HIM!? Geeez, we Christians can't get a break for being GOOD! (Smile)!! xxx

Z said...

Oh..but, here's the REALLY good news, when we AREN'T being too wonderful....we're forgiven! That's a pretty fair payoff for our practicing/living humility, right?!!!