Monday, January 26, 2009

"Yeah, Them too"

I was reading again the story of Zacchaeus and how this man was determined to see who this Jesus was that everyone was talking about, and had the streets all jammed up for like it was a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The story goes on about how Zaachaeus ran ahead of the crowd and climbed up a tree to get a look at this man named Jesus. How many of us can say that we have gone out our way to get to see Jesus even in a figurative sense of the word? We need to ask ourselves, when was the last time I pushed past my daily routine that has so many times obstructed my view of the Lord?

So, as the story goes Jesus gets to the place where Zaachaeus has climbed and stops to tell him that he will be eating at his house tonight. Point, when we put forth the effort to see Jesus for ourselves it is then that He will stop and come dine with us. Now, if we were honest with ourselves then we will say honestly that we aren't worthy for Him to come to dine with us, but this is why He stops.

Yeah we know several people that we feel are beyond the reach of the Lord, but that isn't for us to make the determination on whose worthy and whose not. The so-called church people were beside themselves; they couldn't believe that Jesus was even dealing with this known sinner that worked for the government, but the answer Jesus gave then is the same answer He's giving yet today. He is come to seek and to save that which was lost; the drug dealer, the liar, the homeless person and the politician; yeah them too.


Z said...

Morning, I.H.S.!
By the time I'd read to your fourth paragraph, I had POLITICIANS on my mind, too! You're right..."yeah, them too". Maybe especially them, since they have our earthly situations in their hands!
Godly people make more godly choices, don't you think? Or we hope they do!?

Ducky's here said...

How do we recognize a "godly choice". This always troubles me. Difficult question, no?

Is it judged by the intent or the effect?

Is a man whose acts are judged as godly necessarily godly?

I.H.S. said...

Godly choices are based off of Godly intentions, and not good intentions. So, it would be judged if judged at all by the intent and never the effect, because effects are mostly self-motivated.

No, a person can very well be used of God to do great things, but doesn't mean they are in the least bit Godly.

God used the crowing of a rooster to bring Peter to repent for denying Jesus, was the rooster godly, I would say no.


Z said...

That is to suggest that Godly people are usually in the Word, reading and studying, and hopefully more apt to make Godly choices based on that?

I.H.S. said...

Z, I would say yes it is the one that not only is in the Word reading and studying but that the Word is in them. The scriptures let us know that it's the ones who are led by the Spirit of God; those are the ones that become the sons and daughters of God.

Also, did you understand what I was trying to explain lastnight about "feeling my help coming"?


Papa Frank said...

Thank you very much for your words at Z's place. I have been thinking about your analogy of the plant. The more I think on it the more I feel that this may be the part of your response that the Lord intended for me to receive having pressed on me to tell you what I did. It also occurs to me that replanting is never able to be done without the plant being ripped from the place where it is. It also occurs to me that a plant can be perfectly healthy in it's current pot but that the plant will not reach its potential unless it is removed and placed in a bigger pot. That's what makes it hard to decided to move the plant as it is healthy where it is and just not growing any bigger.

The church I am in is a good church and is led by good people. I have not been harmed there but my heart is no longer in it either. I am a far from perfect son but am loved by my Father and I love my Father in return. I want what is best for my family but I am hard headed and slow to change pots (so to speak). I would covet your prayer along these lines. I think that I have known that a change is unavoidable but it is a difficult decision as our church is a good church and was once the perfect spot for my wife and I. Thank you for listening to the thoughts of a stranger. I knew that you were a good person because Z thinks so.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Great post. I am always amazed at the sorts of 'unreachable' people who God somehow brings into His flock.

And your comment on my blog today was great! I did away with the committee when they kept opposing me. This is a PASTOR run church! :)

I.H.S. said...

Papa Frank, I hear you my friend and you're correct it can be a very traumatic experience. But I promise you it really doesn't have to be. I too was at a ministry where the Lord was prompting me to go elsewhere and allow Him to grow me even more, but I didn't want to go because just like you I loved the people and I cut my minister's teeth there as well so you should know I didn't want to go. The Lord had to almost force me out by allowing me to continue growing and because I was outgrowing the ministry I had to go.

We visit from time to time and I have thoughts of wanting to go back but my wife helps to remind me of what God wants from me.

It's still somewhat difficult because it has only been a couple of years, but it's getting better everyday as I move toward what God's perfect Will is for my life. I will keep you in my prayers, you can count on it.


Z said...

Oh, my goodness..Papa Frank perfectly explained what I am going through at my church. I LOVE the people, I love the beautiful, traditional red brick church and stained glass windows and lovely courtyard. I love the bible classes and my Friday women's prayer group.
But the pastor is so prideful and defiant that it's become a stumbling block to me. There are things I love about him but I sit through the sermon praying for God to soften my heart and pray for Pastor.....not to sit there thinking how hypocritical and proud he is and how the church is suffering due to his actions, which it is, greatly. Oh, it's so sad because we've only attended there six years now and we felt we found just the church! We loved this young man and I grieve that my husband has almost completely stopped coming because he can't deal with the hypocrisy.

There is a church nearby which is a 'vanilla' church of no denomination and it's good teaching, I have been before a few times, and the music is moving, but it doesn't feel like home...yet this church's pastor is someone I would seek if I needed couseling, solace, all the good things a pastor can be.

I've given myself 2 months to figure things out, to pray that God will show me what to do; that i can discern between what I want and want He wants for my husband and me. I'm going back to read your comment to dear Papa Frank again... are SUCH a blessing.
May YOU be blessed in every

I.H.S. said...

Z, are you giving yourself 2 months to decide or 2 months to hear from God on what you should do, because I caution you with trying to put a time limit either on yourself when it comes to the things of God or putting a time limit on God to give you an answer.
I know how frustrating things can seem to be as well as actually are. I'm here to assist if I can.


Z said...

Which is just wonderful but, my husband and I both saw your new address you left for me and Papa Frank and we can't FIND it anymore. I had "Leaders" at Comm. Bible Study this morning and thought "i'll look later and write I.H.S.", SO pleased for the invitation, and it's GONE, we can't find it!!!

So, I see you have an email address on your profile page and I will write there now.

I see what you mean about the two months, but I've been feeling horrid, on and off (mostly on) for about 2 years now and I can't go on like this too much longer. It's not fair to me and too fair to him, frankly.
Horrid for me to say, but I'm TIRED of the defiance and trickery...makes me feel so awful to write that!

Thank you, I.H.S...I so don't want to be a burden on YOU!