Monday, January 5, 2009

"Holiness...It's a Lifestyle"

I remember as a child growing up in the church that the one thing to do when you were old enough; which was in the area of twelve years old or some where's there about you joined the church. Now, joining the church consisted of an individual walking down the aisle and sitting in a chair that was set out by the deacons of the church as the pastor opened up the doors of the church.

Now, I first couldn't quite understand how after the pastor delivered his message that he had to "open up the doors of the church". I mean, the doors were opened when we got to church that morning, so I didn't know why they closed them after we got in service. Anyway, as I was saying, the pastor opened the doors of the church which was your opportunity to come down and become a member of the church.

You were then set up with a date when you were to be baptized, because no one could be a member without ever being baptized in water unless you were baptized at another church before you joined at this new one. Later you were instructed what was expected of you as a member of the church and the responsibility that came with it.

So, I joined the church when I was twelve and was baptized in the pool they had in the basement of the church and I went to Sunday School and VBS and all the other things they had for us to do, but I never changed from the type person I was. I never stopped fighting in school and I was still cussing people out. There was never any real change that took place after I "joined the church" and no one ever challenged me to take a look at what it meant to be a christian. So, as long as I continued to go to church and sang in the choir and went to VBS and all the other formalities that went along with going to church I was fine.

Then one day I was really introduced to Jesus and everything about being a member of the church became something totally different. I was expected from God to live a particular lifestyle before Him and not just before people. God expected me, above anything else, to live a holy and righteous life. This was a tall order to fulfill seeing that I wasn't equipped in and of myself to live up to what His standards are, but I found out that I didn't have to do it on my own and that He would through the Holy Spirit help me to live the life that would be pleasing to Him.

So, if God told Israel to live holy, and then again the saints were instructed in 1Peter 1: 15,16, then I would suggest we live holy. I don't advocate not being a member of a congregation but I do know a person can live a holy life without being one, but don't fall into the same mindset as some people who think that holiness is the type of church you attend.

Holiness has never been a denomination; it's always been a lifestyle.

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