Monday, January 19, 2009

"Hybrid Lifestyles"

Hybrid-An organism that is the offspring of two parents that differ in one or more inheritable characteristics, especially the offspring of two different varieties of the same species or the offspring of two parents belonging to different species. In agriculture and animal husbandry, hybrids of different varieties and species are bred in order to combine the favorable characteristics of the parents. Hybrids often display hybrid vigor. The mule, which is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, is an example of a hybrid. It is strong for its size and has better endurance and a longer useful lifespan than its parents. However, mules are sterile, as are many animals that are hybrids between two species.

This seems to be the type of church person we are intent on producing these days; with the message of inclusion and tolerance that has been turned into the catch phrases of the day for all those that choose to have quantity at the detriment of quality.

Saints we have to understand that sometimes we aren't going to able to have our cake and it too. We have to make a choice as to which way we are intent on going. The very definition of hybrid shows us a very compelling truth, and that is hybrids aren't producers. They are merely something to use for a moment or looked at, but have no lasting value whatsoever.

Let's remember that we are to be producers in the body as well as in the kingdom, and this comes through having pure thoughts and actions. The only way to be the type of producer the Lord is looking for is to born of pure blood; which is through Jesus Christ.

Are you living a hybrid lifestyle or are you living a pure one?


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Great post. It amazes me how hard it is for people to go from the 'hybrid' lifestyle (I've sometimes thought of it as 'consumer') to the 'producer' phase. So many churches are anemic because they have so many consumers trying to fill themselves on what just a few producers are providing.

Z said...

I'm feeling sorely unfed at my church lately...I'm sad because I love the people but the pastor's character is changing and not for the better, suffice it to say. I hate to, but my heart's broken by things I've seen. I so don't want to leave because of the's a hard decision!

SO, I feel like finding your blog's filling in that hole. Plus, my Bible study group is a help, BIG TIME.

Thanks I.H.S..what a marvelous post, How very important.

blessings to YOU xxx
I'm blogrolling you, I.H.S...and proud to do so.