Friday, January 23, 2009

"Blow wind blow"

Don't you just love the days when it's nice and sunny outside, and heat is warming your face as you stand outside enjoying the day. There isn't a cloud in sight that would even suggest the presence of rain or for that matter a storm. However, living in Atlanta you come to realize rather quickly that the weather is subject to change at a moments notice.

Although it seems everyone wants nice sunny days, the reality is if it never rained or the wind never blew it would be next to impossible for plants, trees etc. to do what is necessary for them to flourish. The wind is needed for the seeds to be spread and the rain is necessary for those same seeds to begin to grow and so on.

This is what we as believers seem to take for granted, and that is when we come into the Body of Christ we expect, for the most part, our days to filled with sunshine and blue skies everyday of the week and that all the hardships we had will all be gone and done away with. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The scriptures tell us that we aren't to think it strange or out of the norm when we have fiery trials that come to us.

These are what I like to characterize as the wind storms, but the scriptures continue to let us know to rejoice when these things happen. The Early Church had those the storms come to them not long after the Holy Spirit was given, and the amazing thing about the persecution that was taking place then worked in the same fashion as the wind does today.

The wind i.e. the persecution caused the scattering of the saints throughout all the world; which caused the Seed of the Word to be planted in the hearts and the minds of people everywhere. So, enjoy the sun when it shines and absorb all it has to give because the time will come and the winds will begin to blow. Just know that the Word that is in you will begin to be shaken and you, in turn, will release those seeds to those areas of peoples lives and once the winds and the rain subside; the Son will shine upon those seeds causing them to spring forth and bringing new life with it.

So, blow wind blow.


Z said...

Just beautiful, I.H.S.

I think it DOES take our troubles to show our Christian resolve/mettle.

The wind blows those fiery times and flames the faith!

Z said...

I forgot to say the Kenya piece is up!! We would very much enjoy your input. (I hope?!!)LOL!)

Julie said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog! Have a great weekend.

Ducky's here said...

I.H.S. an off topic but serious question. I notice that you sign your posts often with "blessing".

I'm curious how you expect that might be manifest. It's something I do at times. It generally occurs when I see someone who has a particularly tough situation like the woman recently in the laundromat who was trying to deal with two very difficult and probably learning disabled children. They were crawling in the driers and were generally unmanageable.
So I though to myself that I hope a blessing comes to her, something that makes her life a little pleasant if only for a bit.
I do this in various situations as a reflex, sometimes when I have been impatient or inconsiderate.

I believe that the end result of this is to be more attuned to my obligation to act in a proper fashion here and now and contribute to building the kingdom here and now. That's how I see the blessing occurring.

As I said, it's an honest question. I'd be interested in your answer.

I.H.S. said...

Ducky, First let me say thank you coming by to check out my post. I must be honest with you though; I was a bit taken back when I saw you had left a comment. This being from viewing the comments left by you on Z's site that has you and others seemingly at eachothers throats. I truly hope that isn't your reason for coming over to my site because this site is not a political site in the least bit. So, I'm hoping you didn't come to attempt some type of debate.

Now, Secondly the "blessings" I end all my comments with is nothing more than an ending to what I'm saying or benediction if you will to my statement at the time. However in some cases it is the shortened version of the phrase "May the Lord Bless you" or "God bless you".

In reference to your story of the woman with the children all over the laundromat, could not the blessing you were wishing on her been "you" perhaps helping her to maintain control of her children while she was attempting to wash?

I believe Ducky that we are at times the blessing that we so readily verbalize to people. The scripture says something like this, if you see a person in need and you don't do anything to help them; then how can you say the love of God is in you?

I hope I've clarified what you were asking me and again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you come again, really.


Ducky's here said...

Yes, I would agree with your answer. It does seem to be in my nature to stress a community aspect of action over the individual.

Ducky's here said...

... and I realize yours isn't a political blog.

Faith is a complex topic, of course, and I am interested in how others manifest theirs. Believe it or not it sometimes adjusts my attitudes when I come to a conscious understanding.

I.H.S. said...

Ducky, I wasn't inferring that you thought this was a political blog. I would agree that the topic of faith could very well be complex when we try to over analize and over explain what shouldn't be. We have made Faith this great unreachable mystery, and it isn't once we come to understand that our so-called understanding of Faith is, in a word, Wack.

Our Faith comes from what we believe and if we believe in everything except God then our Faith will be limited to the abilities of people.

The scriptures tell us that wisdom is the principal thing and to get wisdom, but it goes on to say that with all your getting to get an understanding. So, our attitudes should always adjust as understanding comes to us.


Frazier said...

Blow Wind Blow!!! This was awesome, I've asked several people to log on and read this. It really helps one to see the good, the bad, and the ugly in a positive way.