Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Ramen Noodles and The Word"

It is my estimation that the person that invented Ramen Noodles should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for Satisfying Quick Foods. I know there's apples, oranges, grapes, celery sticks and carrots that are good little snacky type foods. However there is nothing quite like heating up some water and dropping in a packet of reconstituted noodles and watch them expand into a plate of oodely-delite, and once the seasoning pack is added the rest they say is history. I could very well eat Ramen Noodles every single day and not have a problem with it.

How does is this relative to The Word?

The Word is much like Ramen Noodles and much more, it's quite filling to the soul and spirit of an individual. Unlike the Ramen Noodles though; The Word can be eaten slowly and over a period of years, and yet will be just as fresh as the first day you started to dine on it. Ramen Noodles need to be eaten right then or they won't be any good. The Word unlike Ramen Noodles don't need for us to add any type of seasoning, because the seasoning The Word has is relative to your spiritual state as an individual.

Don't wait for Sunday or whatever day your Bible Studies are scheduled. Go ahead and crack open a few chapters during your lunch break at work, or while in transit on a bus or plane. I promise, you will be quite satisfied with those quick meals just as much as you are on Sundays.


Personalized Baby Gifts said...

Wow I do not think I have ever heard of Raman Noodles compared to the Word of God. Great blog entry, the Word of God can be eaten over a long period of time.

Z said...

I couldn't help but see "Apples, oranges, grapces, celery sticks and carrots" and think THEY are Satisfying Quick Foods BY GOD!>>pure and natural!! unadulterated, undehyrated, unreconstituted!!?I LOVE Ramen noodles, by the way! mmm

Ramen noodles, until water's added, can sit on the shelf for YEARS and stay good..I guess that's kind of like the Word! Because, in some peoples' lives, the Bible sits there unread for years, right there between the covers and, of course, it NEVER goes bad...the shelf life is 'forever'!!

Great advice here, I.H.S. I know I'd not have appreciated it before I started studying with a group; it becomes so alive you really can't stop 'eating'!

blessings to you! xxx

I.H.S. said...

Z, your correct in that the noodles can in fact sit on your shelf indefinitely, and so can the Word. But you'll never how good either one could be unless you them. Yes, the noodles need water in order to get the full flavor with the seasonings mixed in. The Word has it's own "water" which is the Spirit of God and you talk about bringing out the flavor.