Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Better 1 or Better 2'

I happen to be one of those persons who has been destined to wear corrective lenses for the rest of my life; unless of course the Lord sees fit to miraculously heal my eyesight to where I would never need them ever again.

I recently had a birthday and one of the things I did for my birthday was to go to the eye doctor and have my vision checked, as I do every year. Now, mind you I have been wearing glasses and or contacts since before the 80's were the 80's; which as you can see has been a very long time.

As Dr. Henry, who is now my new optometrist, was going through the normal preliminary Q & A it got me to thinking about the entire process one has to go through during the exam. So, as Dr. Henry was going through the different checks he finally got to that one point we all can identify with; which is where he starts flipping the lenses and asks, 'Better 1 or Better 2'. All the while making what you are looking at more clearer with every flip, until he has gotten to where you can see 20/20. Dr. Henry, is one of those doctors who is not satisfied until his patient is able to see to what the science of optometry says is perfect.

My experience with the eye doctor brings me to the story in 8th chapter of the book of Mark; when Jesus comes to Bethsaida and people bring a blind man to Him to be healed. The scriptures tell us how Jesus took the man and spit in his eyes and laid His hands on him and then asked him if he could see, but the man reported to Jesus that yes, indeed he could see but what he saw wasn't a clear, unhindered view. So, the scriptures say that Jesus touches him again and then when asked the second time, the man said he could see everything clearly.

Just as our optometrists wants to be sure we are able to see to the point of 20/20 vision; the Lord wants us to see not only physically 20/20, but 20/20 spiritually and will not leave us seeing men as trees, but as we should see one another clearly and without any interference.

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