Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where are we really headed?

I remember television with only three channels, and the stations actually went off the air after a certain hour with the weird looking test patterns on the screen. I remember commercials of the Wrigles Spearmint Gum; you remember don't you..."Double your pleasure double your fun".

This commercial in my opinion was the beginning of the use of sex appeal to sell and advertise products companies wanted us to buy. Of course they stopped advertising cigs on television, but started pushing sex instead. Then it moved to television programming; where went from no cursing at all to a mild form and now today there is practically no boundaries on language whatsoever.

I just saw a sitcom on television which the gist of the whole episode was about going out and having a one stand with someone for the sake of having a one night stand...Where are we really headed?

Where are the so-called religious types who are so quick to jump on a political band wagon, or the unacceptable practice of discrimination, but nothing is preached in our pulpits, crusades or conferences. Instead, we hear how if we give the right amount of money we can get God to do what we want Him to do for us...Where are we really headed?

Have we become so jaded with the way things have developed over the years that we just sit back and say to ourselves, 'well people are going to do what they want'...Where are we headed?

Our destinations for the most part are based upon our own individual decisions, but the way we live our lives will influence others to follow in the direction we are headed. The scriptures tell us that the way to destruction is very wide and broad and there will be a lot who will go that way, but the way to life is small and the path is narrow, and only a few will find it.

Are we going with everyone else, or are we going with The One?

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shoprat said...

I have been watching Total Christian Television Network and while some of the shows are excellent, some of them might as well sit outside with a begging bowl.

Where we are headed has been long foretold and I wish it were different. The Good News is the "The King is Coming." The bad news is what comes beforehand.