Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Well, it has now officially one year ago on, October 9, 2008; that I started writing this blog. To say that it has been somewhat challenging is a rather obvious understatement, and I guess with all the different things going on in my life this past year which added to the distraction of writing instead of enhancing; I got a little/lot side-tracked. But, I take full responsibility for the lack of commitment on my part to this blog, and if the few of you who actually take the time to read some of the things I've written; I beg your indulgence yet a little while more as I gear up for year two.

There are a lot more topics I would like to explore this coming year and some of the subject matter discussed this coming year will cover pretty much everything, and we'll look at it through different lenses and see how they measure up with looking at them through the lens of scripture.

So... Let's get ready to "Blogumble"!



Alisha De Freitas said...

Happy Anniversary!

I.H.S. said...

Thank you, Alisha.

shoprat said...

Easy to get sidetracked. I know all too well. Glad to see you write again.

I.H.S. said...

Thanks Shoppie!