Monday, May 4, 2009

"Restoration By the Book"

There are countless types of restoration projects one could engage themselves, and they seem to vary from project to project as to difficulty.

I have watched some shows on television that show the restoration of cars, homes, motorcycles and a few others. The one thing I don't recall them showing is how they went about restoring the project by the book, but they have taken the viewers through the process step by step.

I have seen the results of some restoring projects first hand where they did a seemingly good job, but as you inspect the work more closely one tends to find slight inconsistencies that shouldn't be and had they gone strictly by the book these inconsistencies would not have occurred.

Sadly, this tends to be the case with some believers who are driven by some unseen force to "Fix" everyone they come into contact and seems to be showing some sign of fault. They begin working on persons in the fold and have on the surface helped the individual through whatever the issue or situation. However, as one begins to watch it becomes very apparent the person is no more better than they were in the beginning.

Galatians 6:1 tells us when we see an individual overtaken in a fault; then as we are led by the spirit, we are to restore the individual back to a proper place in God. And, furthermore we should consider the fact that we could very well be in the same position.

Helping bring someone back into a right standing with God is a mandate we all have as believers, but we are to do it...By the Book.


Z said...

I'm having the biggest faith drought I ever had, I I thought I'd come look........

I'm trying to restore myself 'back to a proper place in God'.......sometimes, it ain't easy. :-(

Z said...

Please go weigh in at Gayle's site....there's a fellow saying the bible doesn't say it's against abortion or gay marriage..

did you get my email?

shoprat said...

Even Paul showed concern that while helping others he may fall short himself.