Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Prep Time"

I have come to realize in a very real way what it is to be the one people were expecting to step forward and address any number of situations and circumstances they themselves were incapable of dealing with. It's not that they aren't in a nutshell incapable, but more they lack the ability from the lack of one thing or another which for the most part comes down to preparation.

I've learned late in life the benefit of being prepared. Yes, I've mentioned in earlier posts how I was athletic and so on, but it wasn't until much later that I realized all the practices we had were more than just getting us ready for the next game; it was preparing for every possible scenario the game would produce.

We were victorious because of the many hours of preparation, and now we are standing on the eve of yet another Easter Celebration. And, it is with this thought I am now more appreciative of not only the sacrifice my Lord made for us, but the preparation He went through getting there. With it being what they call; Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday we look back to commemorate those things He did with his disciples, and hopefully we take heed to the example set by Him in that upper room during that last supper.

Are we spending enough 'Prep Time' for the Lord's service or are we merely making ourselves ready for our services?


Z said...

Happy Easter, I.H.S.
I think that 'prep time' is getting shorter and shorter by the minute.

If we could only follow the example!
I try. Usually.

shoprat said...

He was and is a Man above all other men. His courage alone could only be called beyond words.

Z said...

HAPPY EASTER, I.H.S...missing you and hoping you're busy doing WONDERFUL Easter things on this very special day! xxx

Anonymous said...

Courteous and Respectful... definitely!

I noticed your comment in SCL about coffee in the sanctuary. I would like you to consider why we call it a "sanctuary"? That sounds like a holy place where we come into God's presence. It sounds like a temple.

But I would like to suggest that when the curtain ripped in the temple upon the death of Christ, that his presence was nolonger defined by human walls or buildings. However, our bodies are his temples now. So, if there is a sanctuary, it is our bodies.

God is everywhere, so if we have coffee in our homes and offices, what is wrong with having them in a building where we meet to worship? It would be better to discuss if we should put coffee into our bodies (God's temple) and that would go for any day of the week.

I would like to see the African American church to do better about contextualization for non-Christian African American culture rather than holding on so tightly to our styles and traditions in the African American church. It's like we're with whole separate counter-culture that you have to accept along with Jesus if you decide to believe in him. And it becomes a stumbling block for many--perhaps they're interested in Jesus--they just don't want all the "wack" church culture stuff that goes with it.

We should not make it hard for people to enter the kingdom of God.

I.H.S. said...

Anonymous, thank you for visiting, and to answer you on what I left at SCL is simply was an attempt at humor. Did you not notice how I repeated myself in my comment? And, I would like to add also if you would like to comment on what I write here at my blog that's great and I welcome it, but if you wish to discuss with me in the future about what I've written on another blog; then I ask that you comment at that blog or send me an email. Again, thank you for visiting and I hope you come back and perhaps offer up a comment or two on what I've written here and not somewhere else.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey, I.H.S., been missing your writing. Sometimes you gotta take a little extra prep time because 'prep time' actually needs to be recovery time from the last rushed service!