Monday, March 23, 2009

"You Ain't The Only One"

I know for myself it seems as though I'm the only one trying to do what is asked of me by the Lord, and because of this I encounter all these different obstacles and trials. I would be the first to argue that this is all a part of being a servant of the Lord, and I would be correct in saying this because the scriptures tell us that those who will live godly shall suffer persecution.

So, why do we find ourselves falling victim to a version of a pity party from time to time? Are we or do we somehow try to psych ourselves into thinking we shouldn't have to go through some things because we are following the Lord's will? I think we do sometimes, but I've learned and am learning that even though we think we are the only one trying to live right, we aren't.

We are to follow the plan and the path the Lord has mapped out for us as individuals and one day when our course has come to a conclusion; then we will be given the task of training and relaying to someone else the responsibility to continue on the road the Lord has set us on so long ago.

Trust me when I say, "You ain't the only one". Read Read


Z said...

I don't follow the Lord's will NEARLY as well as you do, or as much, but I have to say that during Mr. Z's surgery Friday morning, etc., I kept remembering "whether or not this turns out to be scary or not, we have to witness that God is GOOD no matter what...that following the Lord's will is no FREE PASS to negative biopsies or pain free recoveries, you know?"
If the doctor had come to me and told me bad news I'd have worked so hard at remembering the body is temporal and this is not punishment. Would I have succeeded? Not sure.
But, when he said "We saw trouble in the scans and, when we went in, there was NOTHING THERE" A MIRACLE? The Radiologist AND the specialist saw something on the film, but..."nothing there"?

I had to respond with "You can't believe how many have been praying!" to Dr. KAPLAN. yup. Easy to witness when things have gone exceedingly and surprisingly and joyously WELL!
Could I have been the same had they not? Not right away, I'll have to admit.
We will suffer all KINDS of persecutions...and we still love Him enough to witness..hopefully..and to pass it on.

I.H.S. said...

Z, by no means have I nor anyone else been without a misstep here or there, but the thing is to recognize it and regain your stride as well as your momentum.

Remember, trials are meant to help burn off the things which have attached themselves to us and aren't a part of the overall plan for our lives and so they have to be burned off; thus the firey trials which come to try us.


Z said...

yes, we surely do learn from the fires, don't we. Better to learn now then EXPERIENCE the fires later :-)!!

The post has "READ READ" but not the scripture numbers like you usually do.....were there particular ones or did you mean to direct us to read all of 1 Kings?xx

Papa Frank said...

It is interesting to me that Paul equates the Christian life with RUNNING a race and not with finishing one.

Z said...

Pops, excellent observation and it sure does make sense, doesn't it?
We all have a lot of running to do...but it's so worth it. xx

I.H.S. said...

But, he does talk about finishing his course over in: 2Tim 4:6-8. However, in the scripture you are referring to he doesn't really talk about finishing the race, and I wonder if it is leading us to see that as long as the delays His coming that will be those believers who are yet striving for the mastery and running that they obtain the prize.

This now begs another question for us to consider, which I will address in my next post.