Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Quitting in the Church"

I have some blogger friends that have posted on their blogs about 'quitting' in some form , one being Z and the other being Matt. And, as much as I care for Z's blogs; it's Matt's post that caught my attention and prompted me to do some writing along the subject line he covered.

First, I think it's a true statement to say, 'almost everyone has quit something in their life time' for one reason or another. I think it's built into our programming as human beings, but along with this I believe there's also a sub-program, a default program if you will allow me to say, which helps to designate what should be transferred to the 'quit file' and what shouldn't. However, this sub-program without the proper software is liable to be just as flawed.

We fool ourselves on so many different levels when it comes to thinking we know exactly what the best plan or path to take, as it relates to our choices. I'm convinced now more than I ever have, that after several decades of being on this planet we call earth, we honestly don't have a clue.

Certainly, there are things we should quit as it relates to our health and so forth, but most importantly their are things I believe in my heart we should quit when it comes to the church. Now, I know the first thing most of us think is the double lifestyle kind of stuff, but I'm not referring to those types of things at all.

Sadly, I believe there are individuals in the church holding ministry positions who need to just quit and allow someone else who will be more effective in that position to do it. The problem in most ministries I see as being the problem is the pride and the feeling of superiority one tends to get once they are 'positioned'. Do we need to hear from the Lord when it's time step down? Of course we do, but will we is the bigger question.

Yes, I believe there is quitting in the church; which is more than necessary in order for the body of believers to thrive the way the Lord intended for them. I believe there are only two questions which should be asked honestly of every believer and responded to in the same manner; which are: 1. Are you being fruitful/productive? 2. Have you gone as far as you believe the Lord has allowed you to go with this?

Is the Lord telling you to quit? Yes, He did.
Have you quit? Yes, I have.
And, why? I had gone as far as I could, and it was now time to move it another area.

What about you?


Z said...

OH! I wrote a long comment (too long!) last night and it appears that it didn't publish!
I'll just say that sometimes it's quitting a church that needs doing...and trying to ascertain if this is the right move can be So difficult when you're pulled back to it so often by people, events, etc.!! "Is that God saying 'stay' or is it other forces wanting me to do the wrong thing?"

I.H.S. said...

Z, I believe when it comes to quitting a church, which is necessary sometimes, one must ask a some very important questions:

Why? When? Where?

And, most importantly; is it God's will?


Z said...

THAT is what I need to find out!!

Leslie said...

I.H.S. This is a very good blog entry. We must remember to be Spirit led.

Sometimes there is a waiting period and sometimes God tells us right away. Sometimes we get in our own way and worse, sometimes we get in God's way.

Thank you for sharing this. It was much needed.

I.H.S. said...

Leslie, thanks for stopping by and I agree with what you have stated 100%, and I know first hand about getting in my way as well as getting in God's way.