Sunday, July 14, 2013

W.W.J.D. -1990's Nostalgia or Ageless Relevance?

I think most people over the age of 30 years old can remember the 90's. It was during that time, particularly, in the Evangelical Community. It was a time of  Rebirth, Renewal and Revival, a time of 'Show and Tell' to the Nation and even the World; 'What Would Jesus Do' aka 'WWJD'.

We were admonished to look beyond our own understanding and ideas and grasp the undeniable wisdom and power of Jesus the Christ; who was and yet is the true barometer of all life's situations, issues and problems. T-shirts, hats, bracelets and signs were in abundance; reminding not only the Believer, but the Unbeliever as well to think and ask themselves when faced with a decision...WWJD?

Mistreated, WWJD?
Lied on, WWJD?
Passed over, WWJD?
Talked about, WWJD?
Lead astray, WWJD?
Bamboozled, WWJD?
Hoodwinked, WWJD?

It was the purpose, in the 90's, to become more Christ-like everyday of our lives and not just merely on Sunday mornings or Mid-week Bible Studies. It was great...for a time, but unfortunately like any and all campaigns, slogans and fads; it dissipated and we went back to doing and thinking the way of Primetime: What Would You Do?; which in a nut shell is a show based on the actions and in certain cases, in actions of what people would or would not do. The morality and common decency of individuals are placed on display, and rarely if ever their spirituality.

Have we become so morally astute today; that we no longer need nor require to mimic the lessons learned from the Life of Jesus? Have we progressed so far in our wisdom and understanding; that we no longer need James 1:5?

Are our buttons, hats, t-shirts and bracelets now sitting on display, with our trophies of yesteryear, to be shown, with a sense of nostalgic pride mind you, to our children and grandchildren of a time when we use to ask and think 'WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?'

Or, will we revive again the revelation; that we can do it His way, we can think of it His way, we can say it His way, and most importantly, we can live it His way...

Whatever your circumstance, whatever your situation. There is a better way!

The question is: W.W.J.D.- 1990's Nostalgia or Ageless Relevance?

My answer: Hebrews 13:8


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